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Cast It Talent Features Basic PRO
Monthly Membership Fee FREE $19
Profile page with unique url address displaying selected information
"Copy to Cast It" allows casting offices to directly import your profile
Headshots and photos 10 UNLIMITED
Résumés 10 UNLIMITED
Video storage archive for reels, individual reel scenes & auditions UP TO 1Gb
Submission packages — send & store headshot/resume packages
Video Submission packages — send & store headshot/resume/video packages
Ability to Submit Video Auditions For Studio Open Calls UP TO 100 MB UP TO 500 MB

Cast It Talent is the only acting site that is connected to Cast It. What is Cast It? Cast It is the casting system that is used by the majority of casting offices in Hollywood, as well as all of the major studios. Casting directors and studio casting executives are on Cast It all day, every day, to get their job done. (read more here) Cast It Talent allows you to get in that database yourself. We make it easy to provide casting offices with your headshot, resume, and performance video.

Just starting out and don't have any performance video? Cast It Talent has roles from legitimate studios and independent projects looking for direct actor submissions! Submit to any role that's right for you, whenever you want - it's included in your membership! And best of all, your submission goes directly into the casting office's Cast It database immediately.

If you want feedback on your work or more exposure, you can participate in one of our showcases available to Cast It Talent members. We have top level casting professionals and talent representatives on the panel of all of our showcases, so that you can get actual feedback from someone in the business. Then, the top performer gets featured on our homepage and on the main page on Cast It!

And if you want to send your materials to any potential talent reps, industry professionals, or anyone who's interested in looking at your stuff, you can email everything to them from your Cast It Talent account with just one button.

We also have the most official studio open calls of any site online. We work directly with the major studios on a daily basis, so when they want to do an internet search, they come to us. And as a member, you get notified before anyone else about new open calls! See some of our past open calls here.

Exposure. Opportunity. Media management. These are the things you need to start your career and Cast It Talent has got them covered.

Because you're a working actor, you are often going into casting offices for auditions and most of those casting offices are using Cast It to organize everything about their casting process. Click to see a partial list of our Cast It users.

By joining Cast It Talent, you are providing the casting office with valuable information about you before you even get in the door. Don't make the casting office track down your headshots or resume, and don't make them convert your demo into a file format they can use. Provide all of it for them by managing your own Cast It Talent profile.

On Cast It Talent, you are able to send tailored submissions or packages to anyone. Simply drag and drop your video clips in the order you'd like to play them, choose a headshot and a resume from your library, and hit send.

You can also provide these materials to anyone you need to, simply by sending them an email. You don't need a personal website. All you need is a Cast It Talent account to store and share all of your relevant media.

Additionally, if you're a represented actor, you can use Cast It Talent to provide all of these materials to your Agent and Manager. They also have access to Cast It Talent and can submit you to our breakdowns.

Lastly, you can search Cast It Talent for projects looking to take submissions directly from actors. Choose the roles that fit you, and have your submission in the casting office's inbox within seconds.

It's $19 a month. That's it. You don't pay per video. You don't pay per submission. Just a flat monthly rate of $19 a month, or an annual rate of $180 for the year.

It's simple. It's fast. It's necessary.

Cast It Talent is safe, secure and trusted. We made the extra effort to comply with the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) laws governing internet use by minors, and we make sure parents have full access to their child's account. We encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns or questions about your child's activity on the site.

Because of the relationship between Cast It Talent and Cast It Systems, you can be confident that the roles you submit your child for are legitimate studio and independent productions. When you submit your child’s audition from Cast It Talent, it is put securely into Cast It, the most trusted casting database in the industry, meaning your child’s audition will only be seen by the casting and production professionals who need to see it.

Aside from privacy protection, Cast It Talent offers numerous opportunities for child actors to break into the business and/or manage their burgeoning careers. Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Sony, Summit, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, and Marvel have all recently used Cast It Talent to host open calls looking to discover child actors for projects ranging from teen fare like "Twilight: Eclipse" to younger projects like "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and "The Smurfs Movie."

These open calls do not require you to live in Los Angeles or New York. They are all conducted online using videos you shoot in the convenience of your home. For the first time, a shot at starring roles in major movies and television shows are available for your children without packing up and moving to LA.

Cast It Talent is the only breakdown and submission service that is seamlessly integrated with Cast It, the website most casting offices and studios use to view lists, auditions and sessions online. Click to see a partial list of our Cast It users.

By submitting through Cast It Talent you ensure your materials are always in the correct format and easily accessible to the casting office.

In addition, we have features for representatives that include media management, searchable submission histories and comprehensive project pages that keep you up to date on all of our available projects.

For more information on agency accounts, contact Chris Gantos, Cast It Talent Sales, 310-684-3991.