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Who can join Cast It Talent?
Cast It Talent is open to both Union and Non-Union actors, as well as Represented and Unrepresented talent. We welcome talent from any geographical location in the world, not just Los Angeles and New York. Agents and managers can also join Cast It Talent- for free!- and set up accounts for their clients.
How do I add my Talent Rep to my profile?
You can add your Talent Representative to your account by logging in and going to the 'Talent Rep' tab. Enter your representative's email address and the rest of the fields (first and last name, agency or management company, etc) will auto-populate. Then click the 'Send' button at the bottom of the page.

This will send an email to your Talent Representative notifying them that you have added them as your Talent Rep. When they click the 'Confirm Client' link in this email, they will be able to upload media and submit to projects on your behalf.
How do I upload media to my profile?
You can manage all of your media (including photos, resumes, etc.) via the "Media" tab.

To upload a new media file, simply click the "Select Files" button in the Add Media box, locate the file on your computer, and click "Open." The file will then upload. To delete an existing photo, resume, or video file please scroll down to the photo you wish to remove, hover over the pencil icon in the top left of the thumbnail image, and click "Delete."
Who can see my profile and the media on it?
Unless you share your Actor URL with someone, your profile is not publicly discoverable. Additionally, every video submitted through Cast It Talent is automatically set to ‘Private,’ so only you and the Casting Office you submit to can access this video.

That said, you have two options to control how your profile and media are seen or not seen:
  1. On your Edit Profile page you can set your entire profile to be visible by either Casting Directors Only or by Actors, Agents, and Casting Directors.
  2. You can navigate to your Media Tab and mouse over any media icon to toggle between either "include" or "remove" from public profile.
How much does it cost?
A Cast It Talent Pro membership costs only $19 per month (or $180 per year), and enables you to:
  1. Upload, host, and share up to 10GB of videos, headshots, and resumes
  2. Submitting to all of the roles in your Roles Tab for FREE
  3. Submitting your videos for Feedback - 1 free per month for Pro Members, Basic members $10 per submission
  4. Submitting to the Bi-monthly Showcase
  5. Reading our Blog
  6. Watching the Masterclass with David Lee Strasberg
Is there an option to have a free Basic Membership?
To sign up for a basic account, please go to Without filling out anything else on the page, click the "Log in With Facebook" button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: You will need to enable pop-ups for this process, and you will be prompted to enter your log in details in this pop-up. You will be able to enter your Facebook password (the email field should be pre-populated with your Facebook email address) and finish the registration process.
What can I do with my Cast It Talent Membership?
A Basic (free) membership allows an actor to submit a headshot, resume, and video to any of the roles on our website under the Roles Tab - this may be subject to a video submission fee of $5.

These are different from the Roles that are made available by Casting Directors that are disseminated through the Breakdowns. These Roles are roles that we search throughout the world and they vary in level. We average about 300 total roles per week worldwide.

A Pro membership actor can create packages that include videos (and store up to 10GB of Media), e.g. A comedy package or drama package, and then:
  1. From their package page send that package to any of the 700+ Casting Director and Studio inboxes that are in our Drop Down - these are the inboxes for major Casting Directors.
  2. Pro members can also submit to any of the projects in our Roles Tab, just as the Basic Members can above , and
  3. They can create a URL that they can email to anyone with their package.
Pro membership options:
  1. Annual membership = $15.00/month (lump sum of $180).
  2. Monthly membership = $19.00/month
Pro members also get 1 free Feedback per month (submit a self-tape and get feedback - both a number score out of 5 and a paragraph - from a Cast It Certified Casting Pro who is currently working on at least 1 studio production.

Also, any actors that are creating their own content can, for free, post roles for their projects here and receive submissions for their projects:
Why would I need to use Facebook to sign up?
Aside from using Facebook, the only other way to sign up for a basic account is to have your talent rep (Agent or Manager) do it through their account. The reason our system is set up this way is for verification purposes. Each of our account types requires a type of "verification." This is to protect our users from spam accounts. When an actor signs up for a pro account, they are verifying their identity with their credit card information. Similarly, if an agent adds an actor to his or her own account (the other way to get a basic account mentioned above), the agent is "verifying" the actor's identity. Agents also must go through an approval process.

The Facebook option for basic members serves as verification in this regard. Once it is used to activate an account, it is never necessary to use Facebook in conjunction with the Cast It Talent site again and Cast It Talent will never post anything without your permission. You will have the option of sharing videos that you submit, etc., but are absolutely under no obligation to do so.
I have multiple children that act. How can I manage all of their Cast It Talent profiles from one log in?
If you are managing multiple child accounts (or your own personal account and a child account) we suggest creating a Family Account here: This way you can manage multiple profiles (your children and your own personal profile) from one email log in.

If you decide to sign up one member of your family account for a Pro account please let us know at When you sign up for a pro account, up to four other members of your family account will be upgraded for free!
Why isn't it free to upload and share video?
Hosting video is data-intensive and incurs costs for storage and transmission. Further, charging a fee allows us to keep the database free of junk and bogus accounts, which allows the casting community to trust Cast It Talent as the optimal source for talent, both represented and undiscovered.
I can’t find a submission deadline for a particular project. How will I know when the role is closed?
Casting does not set a specific submission deadline for many projects. Casting also has the ability to turn off their roles at any time, which will remove them from our Roles page. We suggest that you submit as soon as possible, as to not miss your chance!
How do I cancel my account/Switch to a Basic Account?
You can cancel your account by clicking the "Cancel Account" button on your account page (upper right-hand corner). Your account will immediately be reverted to a free, basic membership.
What is Cast It and how is it related to Cast It Talent?
Cast It is the site used by most of the television and film productions to cast projects. Cast It Systems operates a paid, premium business database and web service and maintains contracts with all of the studios to provide electronic casting services. There are other online casting databases, but Cast It is the only one that regularly passes rigorous security audits by the studios and has won the endorsement of every major studio.
  1. Casting for 85% of network television shows is done using Cast It.
  2. Casting for 95% of mid and large budget studio features is done on Cast It.
  3. Casting for 60% of independent features that have studio distribution is done on Cast It.
  4. All of the major Casting Directors working today use Cast It to manage the casting process. When you go to a casting office where your audition is video taped, that audition is then uploaded to Cast It so it can be viewed, discussed and approved by production executives. Cast It Talent is the Actor's direct link into Cast It.
What should I submit for a role if there are no sides posted?
We do not always receive sides or even all of the breakdown information, but we always post what we have. We recommend that you submit your headshot, resume, and demo reel or appropriate self tape. This is similar to an agent pitching a client.

Casting will contact you directly if they decide to share sides or schedule auditions.
How do I submit for a role? Do I need video to submit?
Video is required for most submissions on our site. Casting needs to see you on camera to confirm whether or not you are right for the role. Locate which role you want to submit for on the Roles page, upload your desired media (we suggest a headshot, resume, and demo reel or self-tape) and Click the "Submit" link. You are done!
I am not within the age range or citizenship restrictions of a certain role or open call. Can I still submit?
If a role states that you must be over a certain age to submit, no one under that age will be considered. There are no exceptions to this rule. Likewise, if a role states that only people residing in a particular area will be considered, there will be no exceptions made to this rule either. While certain roles may allow you to submit even if your demographic information does not match, that does not mean you will be considered. It is advisable to only submit to things that fit your description.
I am unable to upload my video, what can I do?
If you are finding your video will not upload, here is what you can do:
  1. Make sure you are using the correct file types, (mpeg, mov, wmv, mp3, mp4, mpg, m4v), and that your video meets our exact specifications (UNDER 500MB).
  2. Wait another 5 minutes to make sure you have given it enough time.
  3. Cancel the upload and try again.
  4. Try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  5. Make sure there are no special characters in the names of the files you're trying to upload.
  6. Ensure your flash player is up-to-date.
How do I know if my media was submitted?
In order to confirm that your submission went through, please visit the "History" Tab in your account. You can see all of our submissions there, each with the associated media: resume, headshot, and videos. If you have not already done so, you will need to either confirm your account via the email sent to you when you submitted your self-tape or select "forgot password" from the log in box to send your password to your email.
There is already a package in my account that I didn't create, what is it?
We create a package for you automatically when you set up your profile based on the first photo, video and resume you upload. This initial package is simply there to get you started.
I (or my child) auditioned for an open call. When and how will I find out about it?
The casting office will contact you (or your agent if you have one) directly either by phone or email. At Cast It Talent we do not have information about when casting decisions will be made. You will hear from the casting office directly if they want to bring you in for another audition.
I do not live/work in Los Angeles or New York, is there anything for me?
Absolutely. One of the important missions of Cast It Talent is to connect regional and international talent to the productions that are shooting in their area via the Cast It Talent Gig-Finder Roles on your Roles Tab. Today, many films and television shows are produced outside of the big media centers. However in many regions, there is not an established casting community to bring in the local talent, so our Cast It casting directors use Cast It Talent to find talent for roles that will be in a location outside of Los Angeles (or New York). You can filter your roles by location; casting offices are adding more and more out-of-area and international roles all the time.
I do not live in the United States. Is there anything for me?
Our company is open for actors to join worldwide and there are benefits for actors around the world.

You can submit to roles no matter where you are located, as long as you fit the requirements of the role. We will state that many of our roles are located in the US since we are also based in the US, but that should not discourage you from wanting to submit because you may be what the casting director is looking for, particularly for larger Talent Searches.

Our services are also used as a virtual resume. For example, your account can contain headshots, videos, and resumes, and with a click of a button you can send that package to anyone via email. All the recipient needs to do is click on the link and view. No downloads. No waiting.

For further information, please visit our website at

For actors outside the US we recommend starting with a Free Basic account in order to see if you find our service to be of value.
What does video converting mean?
When you upload your video to Cast It Talent, it goes through a process on our servers of converting to a format so it is easily viewable by anyone on either a Mac or PC. Please be patient with this process, it can take 10-20 minutes after you upload for the process to be complete. You will know it's done converting when you can play the video from within your Cast It Talent History Tab or you can click on it on the Media Tab. Once it's converted, it's ready to be added to a package and submitted.

If there is a conversion issue with your video, you will receive an email asking you to re-export and re-upload your video as soon as possible.
Contact Us
Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm PST and aims to return all inquiries within two business days. Please email with your question or concern and we will be happy to help!
I need "Approval" before I can access my account. What do I do?
First, we need to know if you are an agent, manager, or an actor. If you're an agent or manager, please email us at with the following information:
  1. how many clients you currently represent:
  2. what agency you are with:
  3. license number (if any):
  4. phone number:
  5. your agency's physical address:
  6. direct us to your website:
ACTORS: If you are an actor, please sign up as an actor on the home page ( Please allow 24-48 hours for the approval process. In the case of an emergency, you can use our Instant Approval Service (the cost is $25).
How do I add my agency or management company details?
If you are an agent and you wish to add an agent or manager whose company is not in the agency drop down box, you may add your representative’s agency or management company details by selecting Add My Agency, which is the first item in the agency drop down box.
What do I get with a Pro Account?
The AgentApp Pro was designed for you to be able to send your Talent's video to anyone, anywhere, at any time - as an unsolicited pitch (or a requested submission) - and have that video available for the recipient with a single click where they are already viewing all of the actor audition videos: whether self-tapes or filmed in-office.

Because this is directly connected to Cast It, the platform on which 90% of Studio and Major Independents view actor audition video, there is no downloading and uploading for casting to do.

With the number of submissions that casting receives for every role and project, relying on them to upload every file transfer file, attachment, YouTube link, etc. creates uncertainty. Will your video be uploaded and get the consideration it deserves?

Now it will and it will be available for more than 10,000 casting, creative, and executive users of Cast It.

There are other features built in as well, including access to over 700 Casting Office and Studio Inboxes with contact details (phone number and email address) and the ability to upload and manage all of your clients' videos and media.
How much does a Pro Account cost?
A Talent Rep Pro Account is $99 per month. Email us at for a free trial!
How do I confirm a submission was sent successfully?
You can see all successful submissions in your ‘Messages’ tab. The 'Send' toggle on this page shows all submissions made through your account. You can consult this page to verify media files were submitted or to refer to any previous submission. The actor name, Casting Office name, and submitted media files are available on this page.
How do I add or remove clients from my Roster?
You can access your full Roster on the 'Roster' page. To add actors to your roster simply:
  1. Enter their stage name in the field in the upper righthand corner and click 'Enter'.
  2. An 'Add Actor' drop down will appear. Click this dropdown.
  3. Confirm their email address OR enter their email address if applicable. If you do not have this client's personal email address or do not wish to enter their personal email address, you can leave this section blank.
  4. Click 'Add Actor.' This actor will then be added to your roster.

To remove an actor from your roster simply click on the red 'X' next to their stage name.
An actor appears in my roster but not in my Select Actor dropdown. What can I do?
The reason your actor is not appearing on submission drop downs is because the actor's account is currently inactive.

To reactivate your actor's account, please log into your account and go to the 'Roster' tab. Locate the desired actor (you can type in their stage name in the search field) and click on their headshot. NOTE: All inactive actors will have a red border around their headshot.

Verify that the email that appears in the pop up is the correct contact email address for this actor, and click 'Activate Actor.' Doing so will automatically re-activate your client's account, and then the actor will once again appear on submission dropdowns.
Contact Us
Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm PST and aims to return all inquiries within two business days. Please email with your question or concern and we will be happy to help!
How do I post a project on Cast It Talent?
We have two different options when posting roles on our site:

Option 1: This service is free and is ideal for smaller, low-budget projects. You can post all role for free here: . You will NOT receive log in information. Instead, you will receive your actors' submissions via email. Please contact the actors directly by emailing them using the email address found in the submission email (do not select "reply" as that will only email Cast It Talent support, not your actors).

Option 2: CAST IT LITE - This service is $100 per month. Below is information regarding the Lite Service. Let us know if you have any questions.

Rate: $100 per month, per project

  1. Secured project within the casting director's Cast It site for creating role lists or categories, adding actors or candidates to those roles/categories, filling out actor/candidate bio details and background info, and finally, uploading video for auditions or reels (no limits to the amount of roles, actors or video).
  2. Per month fee covers 30 days of uploading to the project. There is no time or day limit for watching or reviewing the material.
  3. Access to project videos can be provided either by creating a generic project user account that is shared or by emailing video links from Cast It.
  4. User accounts will be deactivated upon project completion.
  5. Paid by credit card in order to activate project.
Requirements & Restrictions:
  1. Only available to independent feature films with budgets under $10M.
  2. Limited to one casting office for uploading (no regional casting) to the project.
  3. Only casting related videos can be uploaded (no production related videos or materials).
  4. Access to project video is shared by adding one generic user account for the project and shared by the people who need access (no filtering/hiding videos from users with different access levels) or by emailing links to users.
  5. All roles require role descriptions and role criteria be added and made available for submission by talent reps and actors who are members of Cast It Talent (our actor services web site). Submissions come to a separate area within the project for you to view, sort, organize, and if you like any, add them to the project. The upside for casting offices is if they upload sides to the role, they can encourage that submissions include a self-taped audition.
  6. Project name, project description, role names, role descriptions and casting office can be publicized on the Cast It Talent website and Facebook/Twitter and other social media feeds.
  7. No digital camera included.
How do I get in contact with Actors that have submitted to my project?
You will receive your actors' submissions via email. Please contact the actors directly by emailing them using the email address found in the submission email (do not select "reply" as that will only email Cast It Talent support, not your actors).
Contact Us
Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm PST and aims to return all inquiries within two business days. Please email with your question or concern and we will be happy to help!