Cast It Talent FAQs

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I need "Approval" before I can access my account. What do I do?
First, we need to know if you are an agent, manager, or an actor. If you're an agent or manager, please email us at with the following information:
  1. how many clients you currently represent:
  2. what agency you are with:
  3. license number (if any):
  4. phone number:
  5. your agency's physical address:
  6. direct us to your website:
ACTORS: If you are an actor, please sign up as an actor on the home page ( Please allow 24-48 hours for the approval process. In the case of an emergency, you can use our Instant Approval Service (the cost is $25).
How do I add my agency or management company details?
If you are an agent and you wish to add an agent or manager whose company is not in the agency drop down box, you may add your representative’s agency or management company details by selecting Add My Agency, which is the first item in the agency drop down box.
What do I get with a Pro Account?
The AgentApp Pro was designed for you to be able to send your Talent's video to anyone, anywhere, at any time - as an unsolicited pitch (or a requested submission) - and have that video available for the recipient with a single click where they are already viewing all of the actor audition videos: whether self-tapes or filmed in-office.

Because this is directly connected to Cast It, the platform on which 90% of Studio and Major Independents view actor audition video, there is no downloading and uploading for casting to do.

With the number of submissions that casting receives for every role and project, relying on them to upload every file transfer file, attachment, YouTube link, etc. creates uncertainty. Will your video be uploaded and get the consideration it deserves?

Now it will and it will be available for more than 10,000 casting, creative, and executive users of Cast It.

There are other features built in as well, including access to over 700 Casting Office and Studio Inboxes with contact details (phone number and email address) and the ability to upload and manage all of your clients' videos and media.
How much does a Pro Account cost?
A Talent Rep Pro Account is $99 per month. Email us at for a free trial!
How do I confirm a submission was sent successfully?
You can see all successful submissions in your ‘Messages’ tab. The 'Send' toggle on this page shows all submissions made through your account. You can consult this page to verify media files were submitted or to refer to any previous submission. The actor name, Casting Office name, and submitted media files are available on this page.
How do I add or remove clients from my Roster?
You can access your full Roster on the 'Roster' page. To add actors to your roster simply:
  1. Enter their stage name in the field in the upper righthand corner and click 'Enter'.
  2. An 'Add Actor' drop down will appear. Click this dropdown.
  3. Confirm their email address OR enter their email address if applicable. If you do not have this client's personal email address or do not wish to enter their personal email address, you can leave this section blank.
  4. Click 'Add Actor.' This actor will then be added to your roster.

To remove an actor from your roster simply click on the red 'X' next to their stage name.
An actor appears in my roster but not in my Select Actor dropdown. What can I do?
The reason your actor is not appearing on submission drop downs is because the actor's account is currently inactive.

To reactivate your actor's account, please log into your account and go to the 'Roster' tab. Locate the desired actor (you can type in their stage name in the search field) and click on their headshot. NOTE: All inactive actors will have a red border around their headshot.

Verify that the email that appears in the pop up is the correct contact email address for this actor, and click 'Activate Actor.' Doing so will automatically re-activate your client's account, and then the actor will once again appear on submission dropdowns.
Contact Us
Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm PST and aims to return all inquiries within two business days. Please email with your question or concern and we will be happy to help!