If you previously submitted for this project your tape is still being considered. Please do not submit again.

Please prepare the sides (downloadable), and prepare a short cut of a pop or contemporary musical theater song of your choice. You are welcome to sing from the show if you’d like.

* Tell us your name, height, age (if under 18), where you live, and what song you’ll be singing.

* When making your video, place the camera (iPhone camera is fine, but shoot horizontally!) on a tripod or steady surface. Make sure you are in a well-lit space without a distracting background. You should frame the shot so that we see you from about chest up.

* Submit your video by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20 to be considered.

Please email 13themusicalcasting@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Any other company or web site promoting or charging actors to submit their self tape or video audition is not approved by the casting director or Cast It Systems.Please send an email to talentsupport@castitsystems.com if you know of any other web site claiming to be accepting auditions for this project.